After watching “The Crown,” I told my son that he should be grateful that he was not born into the Royal Family.

The Royal Double Bind

Being born into or marrying into a Royal Family thrusts one into a double bind. Double bind theory, from my family therapy training in…

Fire Drill Friday Birthday Party & Photo Essay


Following Jane Fonda’s 11th weekly Fire Drill Friday rally on the Capitol, we marched over the Hart Senate Office Building where 138 of us risked arrest and spent the rest of December 20 celebrating Jane Fonda’s 82nd birthday in a very cold warehouse, hosted by friendly DC…

On October 26, the FDA will hold a meeting of the public advisory committee of the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) to discuss authorization of Covid shots for children aged 5–11. The meeting will be open to the public.

FDA has a docket for public comment on…

Intersubjective Dimensions of Terrorism and Its Transcendence

Chapter written in 2002 for 4 Volume Series, Volume 1 The Psychology of Terrorism, Chris Stout, Editor. Slightly edited with cartoons inserted in April, 2021.


So far, we have not succeeded in preventing the escalation of the cycle of terrorism and retaliation. With increasing access to weapons of mass destruction…

I have been following every aspect of Covid in depth since the very beginning, including studying the immune system and how pandemics end as well as political, economic and exploitation of fear and disifnormation. Credible bodies of knoweldge, docs and scientists with effective treatments are being censored. - this is…

The March 19, 2003 US led invasion of Iraq was cataclysmic. I cried. In the months before I had done everything in my power to try to prevent it, but it was a done deal. …

That was very deep, thoughtful and beautifully written. Also sad. I learned a lot. I am pleased to discover you. What you described is a double-bind that Black women are in. Are black men andthe idea of being "uppity"? I describe the double bind here- also my ideas and wishes for healing and transformation. I am curious what you think. I deal more with race and privilege here.

I am fortunate to have gotten through life without direct physical abuse from males - however, I have been severely legally abused, although the worst culprit was a woman lawyer - but it is a patriarchal system as is the military. I have written about gender and violence - also about violence from males to males. Psychoanlayst Julliet Mitchell said that patriarchy is not aabout males and females but a hierarchical system of domination - males ot other males, females, children, animlas. Thaks for your thoughtful article.

Much gratitude for including me. I look forward to getting involved in Age of Empathy. Let's help manifest it!

Very thougtful Your points are well-taken and you do raise the issue of healing and change. I think they had a need to bring out the truth - a term I coined in research on moral heroism - Verido - like libido, an instinctual drive for truth and justice and an inability to contain untruths. I think there is enough deep love, respect and good faith to heal and evolve - probably with help. I think my piece is very complementary to yours. Please let me know what you think. My Win-Win Solution for Prince Harry and the Royal Family

Diane Perlman

Clinical & political psychologist, Transcend, Conflict Transformation, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Mediators Beyond Borders, UN Nuclear Conferences

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