Fire Drill Friday Birthday Party & Photo Essay

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Following Jane Fonda’s 11th weekly Fire Drill Friday rally on the Capitol, we marched over the Hart Senate Office Building where 138 of us risked arrest and spent the rest of December 20 celebrating Jane Fonda’s 82nd birthday in a very cold warehouse, hosted by friendly DC police officers.

Analysis and Photo Essay

Compulsory Total Disparagement

Moral outrage and mutual disparagement have devolved into a national sport. Tweets and opinion pieces make valid points criticizing CPAC, the Conservative Political Action Conference for remaining a party of Trump, being a dangerous, fascistic, racist, white supremacist, golden calf-worshipping cult, using Nazi symbolism on their Odal Rune shaped stage, etc. I don’t entirely disagree.

It is easy to judge, denigrate, express disgust, righteous indignation, and fear. We criticize how terrible they are while they whine about how terrible we are — woke, unpatriotic socialists turning into communists who criticize America, who cancel…

Thank you for that. Good to discover you. I look forward to a time when you wil be free to wrrite about other things. I am finishing an article now about CPAC, along with Fox news have a deliberate strategy to attract Blacks - Fox has lots of black men on - there is a convergence of racism with classism. Anyway, I write about white privilege here

In 1996 I went to the 1 year anniversary of the Million Man March. I was moved by watching the MMM the year before. It was called the Day of Atonement. I was the only white person on 5 buses from Philadelphia.

I remeber some time before that when I first became conscious of white privilege at a conference

Not just vaccines, but failure to address major reasons for higher death rate which is co-morbidities and lack of access to fresh produce and good nutrition, preventive medicine. Healthy people with good metabolic function have mild or no symptoms and natural immunity. More important than vaccines, there should be a campaign for preventive medicine. I address race from a different perspective here.

Good point. At CPAC and on Fox, as you know they acknowledge racism but rail against the concept of systemic racism. They also have a deliberate stategy to attract Blacks and have Black men commentators on every show and a new, young, good-looking appealing host, LJ, on prime time. fyi you may beinterested in this I wrote.

I question the concept of bombing to de-escalate and to promote diplomacy. Over decades I have observed how we egocentrically engage in punitive and coercive actions to "send a message" - when the message frequently received is not the one we said we were sending. As a political psychologist in the field of conflict transformation interested in reducing tension and revrsing cycles of violene, I wonder what else we could have done.

Thanks for that. I will be writing more on the image of the enemy, and the mirror image of the enemy. I live in DC, a walk to the White House and go to every kind of rally, including the last 3 Trump Rallies, take pix, talk to people (see my photo essay) + celebration of Biden, and listen to Fox - a primary concern is socialism - so very effective. My brother loves Trump and is afraid of socialism. At CPAC, I am writing about now - they are emphasizing socialism turning into communism along with the constant threat from China and the CCP. also now cancel culture is gaining more traction.

Tonight on Fox both Tucker and Hannity accused woke left as cancelling Dr. Suess, calling him racist. They did not. Tucket id a thing on the Sneetches, to show he was not racist. There were 6 books with problematic imagery, mostly early, 1937, 1940s 1950s - Even Suess thought it was a problem. There are still 39 books - on top of best sellers now. Don Jr said he knows Cat in the Hat by Heart, insinuating it was being censored. - it is still available - so they are conflating - to manipulate their audience's moral outrage. Do you think they actually believe the falsehood?

As a political psychologist I also look at how theymanage to succeed, and as you correctly point out, how the Demicrats failed. I watched a lot of CPAC - and when it was in DC in 2011 I went there at least to the exhibit hall to check out. What is scary is that many of their speakers are intelliegnet, attractive, articluate, compelling - don't act crazy like trump. Unlike the Dems they learn form expeirence and are infintiely better at messaging. They play on people's legitimate grievances and paint a very conviniving picture - parts of which have a…

Diane Perlman

Clinical & political psychologist, Transcend, Conflict Transformation, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, Mediators Beyond Borders, UN Nuclear Conferences

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